Remaining Relative Visa

This visa allows someone who’s only near relative lives in Australia to come to Australia as permanent Resident. Remaining Relative visa can be applied onshore or offshore. For onshore applicants, their visa conditions shouldn’t restrict them from applying onshore application.

Onshore application: Subclass 835: Must be inside Australia at the time of application and decision.

Offshore application: Subclass 115: Must be outside of Australia at the time of application and decision.

To be eligible for this visa: your (and your partner’s) only near relatives live in Australia and an Eligible near relative or their partner sponsor you and all members of family units included in the application. This visa also requires Assurance of support which must be supplied prior to grant.  Sponsor must be Australian citizen, permanent resident or Eligible New Zealand citizen and 18 year or above and must be settled in Australia. Your sponsor must be your parent, brother, sister, stepbrother or stepsister or one of their partners.They must agree to give you support, accommodation and financial assistance for your first two years of residency in Australia. This agreement includes any family members included as applicants in your application.