Temporary Short Stay visa

Temporary Short Stay visa (TSS) allows Employers to Bring Skilled Employees in Australia where Employers are not able to fill the position from local labour market. This visa allows employers to use the skilled of overseas workers in their business while ensuring that Australian Employees get priority for the position. There are three streams for this visa:

1.     The Short Term Stream

Sponsorship on a temporary basis only in an occupation listed on a short-term skilled occupation list.  This visa is for 2 years or 4 years if an International Trade obligation applies.

2.     The Medium Term Stream

Sponsorship byemployers for a period of 4 years in occupations listed on Medium and long termstrategic skill list or the Regional occupation list.

3.     The Labour agreement stream

This is available to Employers who wish to sponsor overseas employees and has entered in to labour agreement with Department.

For this visa Employer must lodge thenomination before visa application and they must be either approved standard business sponsor or at least applied an application to become standard businesssponsor, before making any application for nomination and Visa.