Employer Nomination Scheme (Subclass 186)

Employer Nomination scheme (ENS) is a permanent Visa which allows skilled workers to live & Work in Australia. Under this visa Applicant must be nominated by an Australian Employer. Applicant must be under 45 yrs of age and must meet the Skill, Qualification and English Language requirements along with other requirements as defined under streams as applicable.

This visa is categorized in three Streams:

1.    The Temporary Residence Stream.

2.    The Direct Entry Stream.

3.    The Labor Agreement Stream.

Temporary Residence transition stream: This stream is available to those who are holder of Temporary skill shortage visa(TSS) or a Temporary work (skilled) visa (not under labor agreement).Applicant must fulfill the certain years of working requirements as per pre request visa category to be eligible for this stream.

Direct Entry Stream. : If applicant is not eligible for Temporary Residence Transition stream, they can look for Direct Entry Stream, subject to satisfying the eligibility requirements. One of the critical requirement for this visa is 3 years of relevant work experience as minimum. Also this requires positive skill assessment for the occupation nominated.